Fine Art Printmaking

Hope Sorensen is a printmaker based in Upper Marlboro Maryland that works out of Open Studio DC in Northeast Washington DC. 

Sorensen's artwork features pattern, nature, and the use of overlapping colors. Sorensen's nature imagery is based on her experience of growing up in Gambrill State Park in Frederick Maryland. Sorensen enjoyed exploring the forest around her house as a young girl and uses memories of those experiences to recreate the feeling of wonder and contentment that she felt running through the fern and leaf covered ground.

Sorensen is a member of the Sanctuaries, a non-profit artist group located in Washington DC that works with local communities to raise awareness through art. Through Sanctuaries Sorensen has worked with Empower DC, Freer Sackler Gallery, Dulles Justice Coalition, and One DC. 

Sorensen works under the press name Rabid Werewolf Press.              Upper Marlboro Maryland