Flooded Puddle of Toy Cars

                            Spring 2011    

             We live in a beautiful and broken world, one that is dented and misshapen. Knotted ropes of life and death and all the in betweens tie our world together stone by stone. We face disasters, made by our own hands and those made by chance, which threaten to rip us apart at the seam. Our sorrows are not newspaper headlines, splashed across computer screens with quick pictures of fact, but rather life and death and all the in betweens. Of moments when the world just stops, and all you can see in that raft of floating cars is a classroom diorama being immersed in water. How the water just keeps on coming and there can’t possibly be that much water in the world. And when its all over you are still left with a broken life, surviving doesn’t make it feel any easier. But the ropes have stayed together, time continues on, and all you have to remember it by is a flooded puddle of toy cars.

                       Stars in the Street                

                             Spring 2012

      There are no stars in the sky here. Just look up and you will see. But without stars you forget the Earth is one planet out of trillions floating through space. You forget how small you and everything you know is. You forget that centuries ago other people looked at the very same sky and asked the same questions as you. The stars remind us that we are small, and when we feel small we realize the distance between each of us is not as large as we imagine.

I brought the stars back to DC. I plotted out 6 well-known constellations based off a star map of the Washington DC sky at the start of the 2012 Spring Equinox. I overlaid the star map with downtown DC and spray painted 7 constellations onto the streets. Infusing new life into the city at a time when life around us is starting to flourish, and hopefully causing people to question what they see when they look up.